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42.- Increased death rates of domestic violence victims from arresting vs. warning suspects in the Milwaukee Domestic Violence Experiment (MilDVE) Lawrence W. Sherman and Heather M. Harris 2013 Atención/ agresores EEUU Urbano, parejas A.3 Link
43.- Randomised controlled trial of a parenting intervention in the voluntary sector for reducing child conduct problems: outcomes and mechanisms of change Frances Gardner, Jennifer Burton, Ivana Klimes 2006 Prevención/ padres Reino Unido Rural, niños con trastornos A.3 Link
44.- Effect of a structural intervention for the prevention of intimate-partner violence and HIV in rural South Africa: a cluster randomised trial Paul M Pronyk, James R Hargreaves, Julia C Kim, Linda A Morison, Godfrey Phetla, Charlotte Watts, Joanna Busza, John D H Porter 2006 Prevención/ violencia de pareja Sudáfrica Rural B.4 Link
45.- Does battererss treatment work? A meta-analytic review of domestic violence treatment Julia C. Babcock, Charles E. Green, Chet Robie 2002 Atención/ agresores Estados Unidos Agresores A.1 Link
46.- Reducing violence using a community-based advocacy for women with abusive partners Chris Sullivan, Deborah Bybee 1999 Atención/ víctimas Estados Unidos Urbano, mujeres que decidieron ir a un refugio para víctimas de violencia doméstica A.3 Link
47.- Effect of prenatal and infancy home visitation by nurses on pregnancy outcomes childhood injuries and repeated childbearing: Harriet Kirtsman, David Olds, Jhon Eckenrode, Charles Henderson, Dennis Luckey 1997 Prevención/ niños/ visitas domiciliarias Estados Unidos Urbano, mujeres afroamericanas de 29 semanas de gestación como máximo y madres primerizas. A.3 Link
48.- A Meta-Analysis of Empirically Tested School-Based Dating Violence Prevention Programs Sarah R. Edwards and Verlin B. Hinsz 2014 Prevención/ violencia de pareja/ educación Estados Unidos Urbano y Rural A.1 Link
49.- Effects of exposure to sex-stereotyped video game characters on tolerance of sexual harassment Karen E. Dill *, Brian P. Brown, Michael A. Collins 2008 Prevención/ medios/ acoso sexual/ hombres Estados Unidos Urbano, hombres B.1 Link
50.- The Variable Effects of Arrest on Criminal Careers: The Milwaukee Domestic Violence Experiment Lawrence W. Sherman Janell D. Schmidt Dennis P. Rogan Douglas A. Smith 1992 Atención/ agresores EEUU Urbano A.3 Link
51.- Do Group Dynamics Influence Social Capital Gains Among Microfinance Clients? Evidence From a Randomized Experiment in Urban India Benjamin Feigenberg , Erica Field, Rohini Pande,Natalia Rigol, Shayak Sarkar 2014 Autonomía económica India India, urbano, mujeres que conforman grupos de préstamos A.3 Link
52.- Effectiveness of a Universal School-Based Social Competence Program: The Role of Child Characteristics and Economic Factors Tina Malti, DenisRibeaud, Manuel Eisner 2012 Prevención/ educación Suiza Urbano, niños en la escuela primaria A.3 Link
53.- The Impact of Lending to Women on Household Vulnerability and Women’s Empowerment: Evidence from India Supriya Garikipati 2008 Autonomía económica India Rural, mujeres que participan de un programa de micro créditos y no tienen negocios pequeños C.2 Link
54.- Controlled Trial of Psychotherapy for Congolese Survivors of Sexual Violence Judith K. Bass, Jeannie Annan, Sarah McIvor Murray, Debra Kaysen, Shelly Griffiths, Talita Cetinogl, Karin Wachter, Laura K. Murray, and Paul A. Bolton 2013 Atención/ víctimas República democrática del Congo Rural A.3 Link
55.- Impact of a School-Based Dating Violence Prevention Program among Latino Teens: Randomized Controlled Effectiveness Trial Lisa H. Jaycox, Daniel McCaffrey, Beth Eiseman, Jessica Aronoff, Gene A. Shelley, Rebecca L. Collins, Grant N. Marshall 2006 Prevención/ jóvenes/ educación Estados Unidos Urbano, programa dirigido a estudiantes adolescentes latinos de 9no grado A.3 Link
56.- The Impact of an Adolescent Girls Employment Program: The EPAG Project in Liberia Franck Adoho Shubha Chakravarty Dala T. Korkoyah, Jr. Mattias Lundberg Afia Tasneem 2014 Autonomía económica Liberia Urbano, Mujeres joven A.3 Link
57.- Building Womens Economic and Social Empowerment Through Enterprise An Experimental Assessment of the Womens Income Generating Support (WINGS) Program in Uganda Christopher Blattman, Eric Green, Jeannie Annan, Julian Jamison 2013 Autonomía económica Uganda Rural, Individuos de estratos bajos A.3 Link
58.- Programas de Formación Parenteral: Análisis comparativo Astrid Pérez-Bóveda Concepción Yániz Álvarez de Eulate 2015 Maltrato infantil/ niños/ Prevención Padres España Programas preventivos a padres A.1 Link
59.- Occupational Training to Reduce Gender Segregation: The Impacts of ProJoven Hugo Nopo, Miguel Roble, Jaime Saavedra 2007 Autonomía económica Perú Urbano, Individuos jóvenes B.4 Link
60.- The Co-Occurrence of Domestic and Child Violence in Urban Peru: Evidence from Three Regions Benavides, Martin; Leon Jara Almonte; Ponce de Leon Marquina 2015 Maltrato infantil/ niños/ Prevención Padres Perú Urbano C.6 Link
61.- An integrated intervention to reduce intmate partner violence in pregnancy: A randomized controlled trial Michele Kiely, Ayman El-Mohandes, M. Nabil El-Khorazaty, Marie Gantz 2011 Prevención/ Violencia de pareja/ embarazo Estados Unidos Urbano, mujeres embarazadas de minorías étnicas A.3 Link